If You Don’t Like To Touch Your Toilet, Then You’ll Love This Toilet Of Tomorrow.

Let’s be frank— no one likes to touch a toilet! Maybe you’ve perfected the touchless-squat, but if not, then you’ll love the Drop toilet. The compact design unfolds automatically when it senses the user approach. Just get a little balance and do your business! Drop will then fold back up for containing and self cleaning!

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Use These 11 Genius Bed Arrangement Ideas For Tiny Space. I Can’t Believe Why I Never Thought Of This Till Now.

Living in tiny little space. These amazing bed arrangement ideas will come in very handy.


Excellent Tips for Spring Inspired Bedrooms



Spring is a great time to refurbish your home. It brings with it lovely color schemes that range from tranquil shades to lively hues. While most people spruce up their living rooms in spring, they forget about the bedrooms. If you are decorating this year, don’t make the same mistake. Use vivid patterns, energetic motifs, and bursts of color to create the perfect spring bedroom.


These Murphy Beds Are Like Bedrooms On Wheels

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When artists and curators come to visit the Museion, a contemporary art museum in Northern Italy, they don’t stay in a Marriott. No, those lucky souls get to stay in a residence named theAtelierhouse, designed by Italian designer Harry Thaler.

The Atelierhouse is a minimal sort of concrete space: grey slab floors; whitewashed walls (one of all windows); simple, vaguely Scandinavian-looking blonde wood furniture. But what we really like are the beds. Instead of splitting the room up into multiple sections, the sleeping furniture are modified Murphy beds–beds that fold down from the wall (or from within their own containers).


11 Fresh Bedroom Trends in 2014 You Must See

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The bedroom; one of the most sacred rooms of the house and one of the rooms where we spend the most time (even if it’s to merely sleep).  It can also be one of the few room where you can design and decorate it to meet your particular tastes, and not have to worry what Tom, Dick and Harry thinks, as they’ll never see it.  For couples, there needs to be a balance, a juggling act, sacrificing personal extremes and coming to an agreement on a design that works for both.

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20 Chic Bedroom Designs With A Smart Contemporary Feel


Our sleeping spaces can be a bit uninspired when it comes to decorations. Of course we always choose a very nice bed, an attractive lamp on the equally attractive bedside table and a smart closet . However, the end result may not be as impressive due to a number of factors such as un-matching colors and poor arrangement of furniture. However, I have provided a number of helpful design ideas which will leave your sleeping place with a smart contemporary feel and even make your sleep much better. So read on and find out how you can transform your bedroom with just a few changes and improvements.


Neutral Bedrooms


Anyone can identify an interior as “neutral” but fine it downand things can get a little well, murky. Does neutral mean all white – the absence of color? Is it gray, beige, taupe with various mix-ins of white and cream? What about the validity of lavender, which was declared a neutral a few years ago.  And how dark can you go before moving out of neutral territory in a room? My thought is that most so-called neutral rooms are actually monochromatic since they have low contrast and similar color values. Some designers may not agree with that and the topic might make a lively discussion. To illustrate my point, I’ve chosen 10 bedrooms I consider to be neutral or “restful” although they vary from white to gray, taupe, lavender and cocoa. There’s more variation on the neutral theme than one might think.

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